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The GD910 Watch Phone – Shaken, not Stirred

July 31st, 2009

Ever wanted to own a James Bond caliber gadget?  Now is your chance.  While the GD910 Watch Phone doesn’t shoot a laser that can cut through solid steel, it does have number of other cool features.  This watch phone comes with a hidden, built-in camera.  Although you probably won’t have the opportunity to capture any top secret underworld crime footage, you can certainly sneak pictures of your friends doing stupid things without them noticing.  And who knows, if you ever happen to come across any classified, incriminating documents, you will be prepared to snap a couple photos and bungee jump out the window (bungee sold separately).

Aside from its secret service appeal, this is also just a very useful phone.  It saves pocket space, and is much less likely to get lost than a normal phone.  It is sold with an earpiece that allows you to talk with ease.  The phone can operate on any quadband frequency (GSM 850/900/1800/1900mHz), and comes with numerous language selections available.  It also comes equipped with a 1.6″ touch screen, FM radio, MP3 player, MP4/3GP video player, and bluetooth capability.

If you are considering becoming a double O agent, or simply looking for a cool phone that you can wear around your wrist, the GD910 is the phone for you.  Now all you need is a car that turns invisible, an exploding pen, and Walther PPK 7.65 mm pistol.  Until you have these, I’d suggest staying away from any megalomaniacs with aspirations of world domination.  Unless they happen to be your friends…in that case make sure you snap some embarrassing photos of them.  They may be useful down the road.

W600 Tri-Band Waterproof Watch Smart Phone

March 26th, 2009

[Note: Please be advised that the item featured in this article is no longer being stocked. This post is being kept for archival purposes only. Our online wholesale shop features newer and better wrist watch mobile phones we are sure you will enjoy.]

W600 is a Wrist Watch Phone that is finely crafted with solid gold-plated materials. Its sophisticated look makes it a real eye-catcher. W600 watch phone comes with 1.3MP camera, touch screen mp4 player and more. This phone also supports Tri-Band GSM 900/1800/1900MHz networks meaning it will work with most mobile carriers around the world.

The w600 watch phone is an affordable watch phone that is made in China. This particular model has a smarter look then other wholesale watch mobile phones that are currently available.  It  comes in many different colors and has a bit of “bling” factor which will appeal to a younger generation of users.

W600 also comes with many multimedia features.  It supports Bluetooth function or a wireless headset.  You can record small video clips using built-in 1.3 MP camera and then instantly play them using the video player. The video clips can also be played on your computer using popular players.  Additionally, you can use this watch cell phone to listen to your favorite music anytime.

Whether you are a reseller or an end user this watch phone will be a valuable purchase.  For more details about this product or other watch mobile phone models please visit online wholesale shop.