SCARF: a Versatile Accessory

November 8th, 2012 by Jena De Belen 3 comments »

Scarves are great addition to your wardrobe. With the modernization in the world of fashion, scarves can be worn not only during fall or winter but the whole year round. With the different colors, designs, fabrics and textures, you can always find one that will match any outfit.

If you love wearing jeans because of its comfort but bored with the same look you pull off repeatedly, adding a scarf to your outfit just might do the trick. Choose a scarf that’s made of comfortable fabric so you’ll be comfortable with the texture too. It will instantly turn your outfit from boring to ready-to-go.

Monochromatic looks are never out of style. This look is perfect for neutral colors like caramel, cream, white, black, and gray. Mixing different textures will add elegance to it. For example, black leather boots, black jeans, black cotton tee, black metallic jacket, and add a black knitted scarf to complete the look. The play on textures and different shades of a single color will do the trick.

A scarf can also be used as a belt, a cover up for a bikini, a head wrap, or twist it and turn it into a headband. Scarf is one of the most versatile accessories, making it a must have in every wardrobe. It doesn’t always have to be a signature brand. There are a lot of affordable scarves that you can even buy online that will not make you shell out much.

Fashion is for everyone, as everybody has their own taste and style. Scarves are great addition to your wardrobe, given its versatility. Indeed, you don’t have to spend much to look good and expensive. All you need is a great taste, and the idea of the flexibility of the different accessories that can make or break your outfit.

Company Profile: TENVIS Technology

September 30th, 2012 by Red No comments »

It is often said that good companies are the product of good businessmen but great companies are born as a solution to an equally great problem. TENVIS Technology Co. Ltd. is one of those companies that emerged to fill a gap in the market that needed filling. In today’s Company Profile, we’ll take a closer look at the company’s philosophy and product line, and try to discover why TENVIS is a name you can trust when it comes to inexpensive security surveillance and remote monitoring solutions.

False Alarm

While TENVIS was only formally established as a company in 2005, its story goes all the way back to 2001 when the company’s founder, Mr. Jack Lee, was abroad with his family on holiday and suddenly received notification that the burglar alarm he had installed at home had been triggered. Despite his anxiety to find out what was going on back at his residence, he had no way of watching the events unfold and the notification text message he received didn’t contain any information that could be useful.

Unable to contact his neighbors for help, Mr. Lee was forced to call the police. The police dispatched a unit to visit his home, but while he waited for an update from them Mr. Lee could feel the tension of not knowing the true gravity of the situation building on his shoulders — and it was unbearable! What was happening to his house? Were his possessions safe?

It took the police 45 minutes to get back to Mr. Lee and inform him that they had found nothing wrong, and that fortunately the notification he received was a false alarm. The relief was instant, but the emotional roller coaster he had been through as he helplessly waited for news on the situation stayed with him.

Upon returning home he immediately set out find a surveillance system that he could install that would allow him to monitor the situation even if he was away from home, however, Mr. Lee was disheartened to find out that the available solutions on the market during that time where either too technical or prohibitively expensive. With all the advancements in digital video recording and networking, and increasingly faster internet speeds, Mr. Lee thought to himself that there must be a better idea.

And so the idea behind TENVIS was born. After 4 years of research and development, the TENVIS IP camera was born — a webcam like device that utilized the power of the internet for remote monitoring and that even non-technical users could understand.

Affordable Security Surveillance and Remote Monitoring Solutions

TENVIS manufacturers high-quality security surveillance and remote monitoring equipment with the simple goal of keeping it affordable enough to make it accessible even to home and small business owners. Armed with the unique understanding that not everyone in their target demographic has the technical skills required install more professional systems or afford to have them installed for them, the company designs their equipment with user-friendliness as their top priority.

TENVIS IP cameras are completely wireless and are available in a variety of configurations. Their entire product range comes standard with built-in infrared night vision and motion detection, and can be used to stream live video over the internet. Users can be alerted to anomalous activities via e-mail or mobile phone to ensure quick response times. TENVIS IP cameras are compatible with PC, Mac, and Linux operating systems, and additionally, TENVIS IP cameras are also compatible with the ipCam FC app for the iPhone, iPod, and iPad so you remotely monitor the situation at home even when you don’t have access to a computer.

More Information

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