Our Top 5 Best Headsets for Joggers and Runners

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When you gotta run, you gotta run. . . any runner knows that. But what do you do when you’re really not in the mood to run? When the scenery’s gotten boring? When you’re tired of running being part of your routine? Every runner knows that to get the most out of running, you have to do it according to schedule. And if you’re really committed to running, especially if it’s because you’re training for a race, then no matter what happens, as long as it’s on your schedule to run, you have to run — whether you do it because of some sort of motivation or from sheer force of will.

But the will to run can only take you so far, the time will come when you really just need to psyche yourself up! And what better way is there to get yourself into the mood to run than to listen to good music with a nice, even beat to set your pace to? Yes, music is almost every runner’s biggest ally to beat boredom and to make the tedium of runs, especially long runs, bearable — or even better, enjoyable.

With spring coming up, many runners who’ve taken time off running during the winter will be hitting the roads and trails again, and if you’re in that pack, or even if you’re that competitive runner who runs all year round, we’ve put together our top 5 best headsets for joggers and runners.

As any runner who’s tried different headphones and earphones during runs knows, the right type of headphone or earphone is important. Weight and their ability to stay in place while running are all-important. Too much weight and the heaviness of your headphones will become very intrusive, especially as your exhaustion levels rise, and regular earphones just don’t stay in place well enough against the impact of each foot-strike and will eventually fall out.

Our top 5 list takes those two very important considerations into account, and includes headsets with some great additional features as well.

5. PIIQ Fashion Earphones

Also one of our most affordable earphones, the PIIQ Fashion Earphones combines sportiness with fashion at just $4.99. Its light earpieces offer the same fantastic full base and fast response that is characteristic of in-ear earphones. To keep in place while you run, the PIIQ Fashion Earphones feature clips that secure the earpiece to your earlobe, allowing them to stay in place even during the most rigorous of exercise routines!

4. PMX80 Sport Series II Behind the Head Headphones

When it comes to staying in place, nothing beats behind the head headphones. The PMX80 Sport Series II does just that on the track, or wherever your feet take you. The stylish gray and orange design is sure to fit in with any athlete’s wardrobe. The orange reflective strips give you extra-visibility in low light conditions. Best of all, the PMX80 comes with great sound and isolates noise created by traffic. Wind-hiss with the PMX80 is also virtually eliminated.

3. Foldable Bluetooth / FM / MP3 Player 10-in-1 Sport Headset

Great sound, great fit, and great features make this foldable headset a must-have accessory for any runner. Able to juggle between being a Bluetooth headset, FM radio, and MP3 player, this great gadget promises to be the only thing you’ll ever need to bring on your run (besides your mobile phone, if you decide to take it along). With the ability to play music from an SD card up to 8GB in size and with a battery capable of keeping beats pumping for up to 16 hours, you’ll never run out of music to keep you going no matter how long you’re out on the road!

2. CX380 Sport II Precision Earphones

Most fans of in-ear earphones won’t have their beats any other way — it’s either in-ear for them or the highway. If you’re one of them who can’t live without in-ear earphones then finally there’s a pair of in-ear earphones that considers your active lifestyle while providing you with the top-quality, sound isolating listening experience you get from good in-ear earphones. With a shape that’s precision designed to fit into your ear without falling out every few strides through your run, the CX380 Sport II Precision Earphones is sure to keep you pumping with pure musical energy.

1. Bluetooth / FM / MP3 Player 3-in-1 Stereo Headset

When it comes down to overall comfort on a run, there’s nothing better than this headset. Don’t let the lack of a brand name fool you, this headset can get it on just like the rest of them. With a design that gently hugs your head, they stay in place better than any other headset we’ve tried. The soft earpiece material makes the unit feel almost non-existent against your ears, and after an hour or so of running, you might even forget you’re wearing this pair. Sound quality is also top-notched, as are it’s features. Capable of functioning as a Bluetooth headset, FM radio, or MP3 player, with up to 8GB of SD card memory storage, you’ll never run out of great beats even on your longest endurance training runs!

So what are you waiting for? Check out our online shop‘s hot collection of great headsets right now!

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