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Halloween Strikes Anew!

September 29th, 2011

Halloween often comes up whenever people talk about their favorite holiday, in fact, it consistently ranks within the top 3 holidays in the United States. This comes with little surprise because, especially amongst kids, who can resist the temptation of free candy – even if the entire concept of getting the free candy revolves around what would otherwise be a scary event. Halloween also marks the start of a series of much anticipated holidays, hence the term “Holiday Season”, that occur within a month of each other, namely Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas (or Hanukkah, if you’re Jewish), and New Year’s Day.

What really sets Halloween apart from most other holidays is the chance to be creative – to dress up in different costumes and to decorate the house to make it look haunted and scary. It is a practice that many participate wholeheartedly in, taking the time to find or design the best costumes for themselves. Homeowners setup different Halloween props to give their houses an eerie and creepy feel to excite trick-or-treaters or guests who come over for a Halloween masquerade party.

A lot of people choose to spend a lot of money to look scarily amazing or decorate their houses to be frighteningly astounding, but that’s not always the case for everyone, especially with the anticipation of more expenses for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Buying Halloween costumes, masks, and props from a Chinese online wholesale shop is one of the best ways to save money on Halloween, and still manage to look scarily amazing or decorate frighteningly astounding.

There are a host of online wholesalers who carry items especially for Halloween, like the standard witch hat or ghoul mask, for cheaper than they are available for from retailers. They are also a great place to look if you’re looking for something different this Halloween. Among some of the more exotic items they offer are Osama bin Laden masks and plastic and silicon analogs of severed limbs. If you’re looking for something more classic, then there’s the ever popular Scream or Frankenstein mask and pirate’s hat or headdress. And for those who like to mix sexy with scary on Halloween, there are some sexy Halloween costumes as well.

People who are planning a Halloween party will find a lot of items that will go well with their themes. If you’re serving ghoulish green lime punch in a witch’s cauldron, dropping in a few water-activated flashing green ice cubes will make the eeky concoction seem like a real glowing witch’s potion. The eerie look of a dimly lit room can be accentuated by using some black light to make skeleton shaped paper garlands glow or by hanging up some skull-shaped Halloween lanterns. And for that dark Gothic look, placing some electronic braziers around the room can make it somewhat more castle-like.

So whether you’re looking for that perfect addition to your costume or a decorative accent that will really make your house look spooky, go ahead and check out the selection at a Chinese online wholesale shop and you might be surprised at the variety of different costumes, masks, and props, and how affordable all these items are from them.

Putting Chinese Online Wholesale Markets in the Spotlight

September 26th, 2011

Look up the latest financial news from any major international news outlet and two topics are likely to surface amongst the current top stories: the European Debt Crisis and the possible effects this will have on the fast growing Asian economies. Recent events clearly show that more hard financial times are drawing closer as the eurozone economies of Greece, Ireland, and Portugal inch toward default and fears of contagion heighten amongst EU member countries, especially in Spain, where a default could spell a meltdown of the entire European Monetary Unit.

With this European “double dip” on the horizon, many are looking to Asia, which, no doubt will be affected. Chinese investors today expressed that it would show no interest in bailing out European debt stating, “We (China) can’t just go save someone. We’re not saviors. We have to save ourselves.” Analysts are also saying that the economic downturn caused by fears arising from the European debt crisis might have a negative effect on fast growing export-driven Asian economies such as China and Indonesia.

Where does this all put online wholesale markets based out of China? While figures have shown that the Chinese manufacturing industry has contracted in the last 3 consecutive months, online wholesalers in China are optimistic that this will not affect their profits in the near future. Online wholesalers are hoping that the affordable prices that they are able to offer customers for electronics, apparel, and other consumer items will continue to drive buyers to their sites especially as consumers again prepare to cut spending.

In fact, many online wholesalers can trace their origins to the 2008 global financial crisis, many of them starting as a response to the increased demand for lower priced goods when consumer spending was at an all-time low. Fast forward a couple of years and people continue to patronize Chinese online wholesalers for the same reasons that they did back in 2008. It is no doubt then that online wholesalers are staying optimistic despite fears of another system-wide meltdown should global markets face the sudden decline of the euro.

What’s clear to Chinese online wholesalers is that customers are still buying, whether in Europe or in any other region for that matter. Business is just as healthy as any other day. Online wholesalers are also attributing customer loyalty to an improvement in product quality brought about by better research and development and manufacturing practices amongst growing Chinese product manufacturers. The improvements go back full circle to Chinese online wholesalers who bring new products to the forefront and process the bulk of orders directly from manufacturers.

Whatever the case is, many Chinese online wholesalers have expressed their determination to stay afloat no matter what happens in the world markets and continue to provide quality computers, security devices, and other products at affordable prices that will be hard to resist. Many even encourage customers to spend now in anticipation of a possible rise in Chinese manufacturing costs. At the moment, as with the European financial crisis as a whole, only time can tell.