Budget Mp5 Player – Performs Like an Apple iPod

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Why spend $200+ dollars on a iPod? You can get the exact same functionality for much less! Bigboxstore.com’s wholesale MP5 players come packed with features, and perform just like Apple products.  You can listen to your favorite MP3s, watch video clips and movies, and even access the Internet on selected models.  We have MP5 players with touch screens, built-in game controllers, and cameras, all equipped with high-quality, wide screens that allow you to enjoy pictures or movies comfortably.  All models also come with variable memory capacity to suit your needs.
This variable memory capacity really sets our products apart from those of Apple.  While our MP5 players function just as smoothly as an iPod, they typically are offered with memory capacity varying from 2-16GB.  Think about the products available from Apple.  They no longer produce the 30GB or 60GB Classic iPod, and now only sell a 120GB iPod video for $250.  That is more memory capacity than my computer has, and certainly much more than I need on my iPod.  The iPod Touch, which is pretty cool, offers more reasonable memory capacity between 8-32GB,  However, it costs a minimum of $230 if you go with 8GB, and a maximum of $400!  I don’t know about you, but that is more than I want to spend on a product with a one year warranty.

So why get caught up in this Apple system, which either overcharges you for an absurd amount of GBs, or simply overcharges you for a product with a touch screen?  You can get a 16GB, touch screen MP5 player with the same performance for half the price.  You can also get a smaller MP5 player (2-8GB) for around $50.  Given the pace of technology, and the disposable nature of portable media players today, I’d say a budget MP5 player is the way to go.

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