How to Choose a Wholesale Distributor From China

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Having a reliable wholesale from China connection is a must if you are looking to sell goods online.  Buying direct from the manufacturer is the best way to ensure that you have a comfortable profit margin.  For electronics products, the lowest cost manufacturers are located in China.  However, it can be difficult to choose from the numerous Chinese “wholesale manufacturers” advertising products online.  This blog post will cover the most important things to look for from your supplier.

1. Find a real wholesaler. Just because a company has a professional looking website does not mean that they are actually giving you a manufacturer direct price.  Make sure you do some preliminary research – check user reviews or look into a wholesale supplier directory (e.g Yahoo directory).  If you overlook this step you may go into business with a company that is actually a retailer, charging a price far above what a wholesale distributor would.  This eats away at your profits, and can be avoided by conducting a careful search.

2. Find a company that ships products in a timely manner. When a customer orders a product, they want to have it in their possession quickly.  Since you will most likely be ordering the product from a China wholesale distributor only after your customer has paid for the product, that product will have to make its way to them all the way from China.  Days can turn into weeks, and lead to a poor seller rating.  If you advertise that you will ship the product within 5 business days, you better make sure your distributor has the same guarantee.  Otherwise, your buyers will become frustrated with the length of time it takes for products to arrive.

3. Find a manufacturer with a (free) dropshipping service. Not sure what dropshipping is?  Follow this link: wholesale dropship. Basically, wholesale dropshippers offer to ship products directly to your customers. Just submit your buyer’s shipping address and the product goes straight to them. You have no need for costly inventory, and all you see is the profit. There are many wholesale suppliers that will offer this service free of charge, so don’t get stuck with a company that charges extra for it.

4. Check the return policy. Consumers are aware that electronics manufactured wholesale in China may be somewhat lower quality.  Therefore, it is best to assure them that if they receive a faulty product, it can be returned for a refund.  However, you probably only want to do this if you can also get your money back for that faulty product.  Make sure you are working with a Chinese company with a reasonable return policy.

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