Pocket Space Problem Solved By the New K1 Watch Phone!

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[Note: Please be advised that the item featured in this article is no longer being stocked. This post is being kept for archival purposes only. A selection of newer and better watch-type mobile phones is available for you to buy wholesale from China on our website.]

It’s not a lot of fun carrying a phone around.  Actually, its not much fun carrying anything around.  For men, you need a wallet, you need your keys, and you need to have a phone.  Which pocket do you put these three objects in?  None can really go in the back pocket of your pants, because they aren’t comfortable to sit on.  That leaves you with three objects in two front pockets, which means you will probably have to fumble around with your keys to get your cell phone out.  Either that, or some other awkward combination of pocket space.  What if you could find a way to eliminate one of these?

The K1 watch phone does this for you.  Aside from the phone aspect, it is a stylish watch.  A slim, gold-rimmed watch face is mounted on your wrist by a black leather strap, and looks just like a normal watch.  Additionally, the built-in phone will give your current handset a run for its money.  It comes completely unlocked, and will work onquadband frequencies throughout the world. The K1 also comes with an MP3 / MP4 multimedia player, complete with everything you need to transfer music or movies from your PC to your phone.  This phone also includes a built-in 1.3MP camera, Bluetooth capability, voice recorder and more.

Best of all, now you only have two objects for your two front pockets, the way god and Levis intended it.  The earpiece gets great reception, and is simple to use.  Now you can just push a button on your watch to receive calls.  Browse Bigboxsave.com for more information on the K1, and other great watch cell phone models.

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