The Day of the Glass

April 17th, 2013 by Red No comments »

Ever since Google first unveiled the Google Glass project, the bleeding edge technology that aims to introduce an exciting new form factor for mobile data consumption and creation, tech watchers and bleeding edge early adopters have been clamoring for whatever news they could get about its release. Sergey Brin, Google’s co-founder and director for special projects, was in attendance at TED Talks 2013 this last month and got the invitation from the conference’s moderator to make an impromptu presentation of the device.

While most of his presentation didn’t reveal anything new about the device that they hadn’t already revealed in the past, Sergey mentioned that Google Glass will likely go on sale before the end of this year. Google’s internet-enabled eyepiece was originally slated to go to market early in 2014, but several reliable internet sources are reporting that the gadget’s development schedule is indeed running ahead of time and the likelihood that we will see the device in stores before the end of the year is high. This, of course, is good news for early adopters who are eager to get their hands on the device as soon as possible.

So with the age of the Google Glass form factor getting ever closer everyday, what kind of changes will this bring to those of us who might still be stuck with the form factors common to the mobile devices available today? Will Google Glass-type form factors become the norm for mobile communications in the future?

The general consensus on whether Google Glass will become successful is that it’s too early to be absolutely sure. However, there are early signs that the new form factor is already starting to be taken seriously. Sony has been rumored to be working on and has filed a patent for their own version of the form factor and a consortium of Japanese demonstrated their entry, Telepathy One, during the recently concluded SXSW conference in Austin, Texas. A number of other potential competitors are also expected to release their own versions within the next two years.

It is, therefore, likely that we will see the new form factor and other augmented reality concepts become popular in the coming years; however, analysts are quick to point out that we shouldn’t expect everyone to embrace it as the gold standard form factor for mobile communications for at least a few years more. One reliable indicator of this the significant social resistance that the new form factor seems to be getting; several parodies exist that strongly criticize the device, a few groups have been formed to resist its adoption, and a dive bar in Seattle has even banned Google Glass from being used on their premises in advance of its release.

As Sergey Brin put it during the his presentation at TED Talks 2013, Google Glass is a form factor that is new for most people and no social norms yet exist to regulate its use. He went on the note that just like during the early days of the mobile phone, modern societies will still have to undergo changes that will determine whether this new direction in design will be accepted in the long run or not.

With that in mind, it isn’t likely that the introduction of Google Glass will have a negative effect on mobile gadgets that still use traditional form factor for quite a while. So whether you’re a businessperson concerned about whether Google Glass will pose a problem to your mobile phone retail or wholesale business, or a consumer trying to decide whether making the transition will be worth it or not, you can rest assured that the day when the new form factor will be the norm is still a significant way away.

Five Steps to Dramatic Eye Makeup

November 21st, 2012 by Jena De Belen 1 comment »

Dramatic eye makeup can be very intimidating. It’s like you have to follow a lot of steps very carefully because one wrong move can ruin the whole look. But there’s an easy way to achieve the smoky-eye effect. All you need is an eyebrow pencil, a smoky eye shadow pallet, black eyeliner, mascara, and a pair of faux eyelashes.

Step 1: Fill in Your Eyebrows.

Trace the outside of your eyebrows, making an outline, using an eyebrow pencil. Make sure that it is two shades lighter than your hair color so it will appear more natural. Next, using a small angle brush, dust a little eyebrow powder or eye shadow to fill in your eyebrow starting with the part nearest to your nose. Again, like the pencil, make sure that it is two shades lighter than your hair color. Use the same brush to soften the outline you drew with the pencil to remove the hard lines.

Step 2: Highlight Your Brow Bones.

Using the lightest shade of your chosen eye shadow pallet, highlight your brow bones (it is located in between your upper eyelid and your eyebrow).

Step 3: Apply the Eye Shadow on Your Eyelids.

Apply a dark eye shadow on your entire eyelids evenly. Next, choose a darker eye shadow and apply it on the creases of your eyes and below your brow bone. It important to make sure that you shade both your eyelids evenly because if one’s darker than the other, it might create an illusion that your eyes are not of the same size. Once done, fill your inner lids with a lighter eye shadow. Then, apply the darkest shade of your eye shadow pallet on your lower lid (closest to the lash line).

Step 4: Line Your Lash Lines.

Use black eyeliner to line your upper lash lines and your waterlines. It makes your eye color pop and creates the drama to the shape of your eyes. Gel eyeliner is best for lining your lash lines because most formulas are smudge-proof or tear-proof, avoiding raccoon eyes.

Step 5: Va-va-voom Lashes!

Glue your faux lashes closest to your natural lashes as possible. Apply a volumizing mascara to make your natural lashes and your faux lashes come together somewhat. For a more dramatic effect, you can curl your lashes up and make your peepers looking awake and bigger.

Neutral shades are usually preferred for smoky-eyes but for a different and younger taste, blue and purple pallets are also must-tries. Perfecting the smoky-eye makeup may take a lot of practice but hey, it ups your glam to a whole new level. Just be patient and do 3 things: practice, practice, and more practice!